UC Exchange, provided by NextPlane

Breakdown Organisational Barriers with Seamless UC Federation

Find, connect and collaborate with partners, customers and suppliers around the world with UC Exchange – the fastest growing Cloud-based community of federation-ready organisations.
Important Info

InterCall is pleased to partner with NextPlane to offer our customers the NextPlane Unified Communications (UC) federation service, UC Exchange.

This partnership and platform adds further value to InterCall’s extensive UC solutions portfolio, through which our customers can simplify and integrate their communication resources across their business. This means better communications and collaborations, messaging tools and telephony to seamlessly meet, connect and converse, facilitating quick and easy information exchange.

Through our expansive ecosystem of strategic partners, InterCall can plan, deploy and manage your entire UC environment – with the solution that best fits your specific infrastructure and technologies


What is UC Exchange?


UC Exchange is a UC and social media federation service, with a searchable directory of hundreds of 'federation-ready' organisations, where companies can easily federate with customers and partners using a secure management portal.

With UC Exchange, you are not constrained by the platform your company resides on and can easily interoperate with a wide range of IM and Presence and social media platforms, including Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Skype, Yammer, Twitter and more.

  • Find: The UC Exchange Members Directory makes finding and contacting 'federation-ready' partners easy.
  • Connect: Workflow-based process for the tracking of inbound and outbound federation requests, with email notifications and support for 'followers'.
  • Collaborate: Go beyond Presence and Chat by fully utilising the collaboration tools within your UC system – voice, video and social media are all available.

With UC Exchange you have access to the following:

  • UC-to-UC Federation Services
    Reduce the time it takes for your employees to find, connect and collaborate in real-time with experts and decision-makers across your business ecosystem. Download our overview document for a full list of compatible UC platforms.
  • UC to Skype and Social Media Federation
    Federate and connect securely with enterprise and public social networks without opening additional firewalls and potentially compromising network security. Download our overview document for a full list of available Social Media platforms.
  • Secure Management Portal
    The Management Portal is a UC Administrator's window in to the UC Exchange federation service; simplifying the process of configuring and managing federation, as well as finding and connecting with other organisations.
  • Directory Services
    The NextPlane Active Directory Sync utility adds, deletes and updates users and groups in the 'UC Phonebook' to match each participating company's Active Directory (AD) Server. When synchronisation occurs, any changes on the AD Server are reflected in the UC Phonebook. All UC Exchange members can also quickly search and find other federation-ready organisations to connect with via the UC Phonebook.
  • Advanced Routing Solutions
    With UC Exchange, federated traffic is differentiated from local traffic even if that traffic uses the same local domain name. Once traffic is identified as 'not local', it will be routed to the UC Exchange federation service and from there UC Exchange sends it to the correct destination.

Advantages of UC Exchange:

  • Interoperability across a wide range of IM and Presence platforms including Microsoft, Cisco, Google, Skype, Yammer and more.
  • No upfront capital expense.
  • No On-Premise software or hardware components.
  • 24/7/365 managed service levels.
  • Tiered membership levels with subscription-based pricing.
  • Policy control and security; full control over federated traffic.
  • 256 Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  • Secure SIP and XMPP (both over TLS and dial back)